Thursday, June 19, 2008

Teaching in the Outdoors - My Bag of Tricks

My Environmental Education Bag of Tricks Includes....
  • ambulators to make a long walk seem shorter or more fun
  • how to relate common games to environmental issues
  • the developmental appropriateness of certain games
  • knowing how to use all 5 senses
  • being able to encourage thoughtful reflection
  • nature journaling
  • colors of nature game
  • onion trail game
  • call and responses
  • animal allies role playing games
  • hunter gatherer searches, games, scavenger hunts
  • fantasy and map-making placed based education activities
  • allowing kids to make up names for the plants that they're seeing
  • comfort in leading a group of kids
  • when to do an active vs. a quieter program
  • how to be aware of potential safety issues
  • how to inject a sense of adventure into nature exploration
  • how to get parents and mixed age groups going
  • ways of getting the attention of a group that isn't listening
I think I've got a lot more that I haven't written down, and I think I'll continue to add to this list whenever I learn new things. I love the fact that a lot of my classmates shared their experiences, too, so I can also approach them for advice if I need it.

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