Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Language of Nature - freewrite, first day of class

I am thinking of Karme Choling, such a strange and spiritual place, the first night I felt a little lost. Why go to bed in a place so wondrous with natural starlight and beauty - a tingly feeling of being alive? So I laid in my bed for about five minutes before becoming completely restless. I got up, took my camera and stepped outside.

Lighting flashed silently from afar, the only light to temporarily illuminate the grounds, highlighting the fields and mountains surrounding it. I walked around and watched the storm, still silent form its distance. I came to a field of wildflowers and let my eyes adjust.

What greeted me was an uncountable number of lightning bugs both in the air and on the plants, going about the business of advertising and attracting a mate. Part billboard, part telegraph their simple actions always made me smile as a child, but the synchronizations of the masses of them was something I could barely comprehend, like the stars.

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