Saturday, September 1, 2007

Who am I?

A little introduction as to who I am and what I'm doing writing this. I was recently accepted to Antioch University of New England in Keene, NH to pursue a master's degree in Environmental Education. At our orientation, one speaker caught my attention when he said that our time here would be so short that we should do everything we can to savor it - and not let the experience of being here and learning slip through our fingers.

I plan to use this forum to post a journal of my experiences at Antioch, to post questions and thoughts and assignments so that I can really cherish and savor the time that I have at Antioch, and so I can get a true sense of what I've experienced and learned.

I chose environmental education because I've always been curious about nature and the world around me, from when I was at the seashore bringing my parents whatever cool organism I had uncovered in the sand, to more recently when I corrected and educated my coworkers about environmental news topics like e. coli contamination and the Avian Bird Flu. I wanted a formal way of sharing this knowledge with others - in my interview I spoke about that moment when a light bulb lights up in a child or adult's eyes when they finally understand - that is what I am out to do. I love to break down complicated topics into parcels that can be understood by anyone, and it has been my passion to educate others through writing or through telling them about it.

I invite you to check in here every once and a while as I put my experiences out there - and thank you for stopping by.

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